A New Term

Now that we’re back into the swing of things in school, the ICT department is back up and running and is freshly redecorated too.  You can see some of the new features of the rooms in the pictures attached to this post.

You can also see the new Lego Innovation Studio and some fully built Mindstorms models – Mr Richards and Mr Craig have been busy!

The ICT department will be holding the Lego robotics club on Wednesday at lunchtime for KS3 and after school for KS4 pupils.  Come along and have a go!


IMG_0367 IMG_0366 IMG_0365 IMG_0364


A Visit to Sony

The department recently took several year 10 students to the Sony factory in Pencoed for a day of computer game building and a hands on demonstration of the Raspberry Pi computer, which is made in the factory.  Below are some of the girls’ accounts of the day.


On the trip to Sony, I was taught about game making and made my own game. It was programming things to move and work in a simpler form as it was mainly done for us. The lady was really lovely and bubbly and helpful which made the experience really enjoyable. I made a game that eventually, after some messing around with, worked well. Then we had to either take a picture of ourselves or find a picture and animate it, adding sounds etc. My friends and me had a laugh and really enjoyed it. Then we had speakers in to talk about the Pi, which was interesting and enjoyable. We were taught that the Raspberry Pi could do loads of different things such as move a robot arm and we could connect our games to it, it was a really good day.

Alannah Sullivan.


Overall I enjoyed the experience and I think I learnt a lot from it. I made a game using scratch, which was very enjoyable. I learnt about the new Raspberry Pi project, which was very interesting. We also created our own videos which I enjoyed a lot.

Briana Williams:)


Overall, I enjoyed the experience as we got to create our own videos and games.  Furthermore we got an interesting insight into the world of technology and we looked at the Raspberry Pi project that seemed very interesting.

Rachel Joseph